Next Generation Trade Intelligence Portal

Your online guide

10 Steps

Considering an upgrade of your trade intelligence portal? But wondering where to start…? We guide you to evaluate your portal performance, benchmark against other information providers and determine your added value!

You may have a portal, but do you also have a portal strategy that is prominently interlinked with your organizational strategy and service portfolio? Learn how to define your ambition level, scope and priorities, target audience, resources and strategic partners.

Effective content? There is no alternative. It has to be Interactive, mobile friendly and visual. Less is more! Learn how value added content, focused on opportunities, and infographics and video formats, will contribute to higher customer satisfaction.

Usability is like oxygen – you never notice it until it is missing… But, don’t worry. We give you tips and guidelines to come up with an interface and interaction design with effective calls to action, navigation and key functionalities. A positive user experience guaranteed.

Social media have created a shift in the way we communicate. And they will continue to do so. Your stakeholders expect you to respond, adapt your trade intelligence service and integrate your portal with social channels. We highlight the key success factors and main channels.

In today’s information era syndication and affiliation of content can provide efficient solutions for your trade intelligence portal. We guide you to identify subject areas and syndication partners that may fit your syndication and affiliation strategies.

To manage a Trade Intelligence Portal successfully requires more than an IT plan. We show you how content management, knowledge management, quality management and technical management come together in the operational management of a Trade Intelligence Portal.

It’s nice to track visitor statistics, but there’s much more that you can measure to determine success of your portal. We guide you to develop the right key performance indicators in relation to your strategy and to monitor conversion rates rather than visitor statistics.

Developing your Trade Intelligence Portal is one thing. Making it well known to the right visitors to achieve your objectives is another thing. In this step we highlight some angles for effective promotion. Something that is too often neglected.

Your Trade Intelligence Portal is of strategic importance. In this step we offer suggestions and good practices of financial models including premium membership, advertisement and collaboration with banks to safeguard sustainability of the initiative.